Mc4 Crimping Tool

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  • Hard Manganese Steel – ABS Grip
  • Long Durability and Quick MC4 Crimping
  • Light Weight Design
  • Self Retracting
  • Industrial Grade Tool

Clare Solar Mc4 Crimping Tool is a very common tool used for quick solar connectors crimping for solderless contacts in and outside. Mc4 Crimping tools are also called mc4 connector tool, solar crimping tool, or mc4 crimper because simple crimping tools somewhat resemble the common pliers. Mc4 crimping tool is used to joint two metallic ends, e.g., a connector to end of a cable, or a cable to a cable.

A professional crimping tool not only saves energy, but also improves connection performance by removing the air gap between the wire and Tin Plated metallic gland that would otherwise burn when not done properly. After using the crimping tool the wire can then be attached to a mc4 connector, etc. The wires in question will normally be multi-strand wires. Single strand wires are not amenable to a good grip and contact. A good crimping tool will also have guides for correct relative position of the wire and the connector for crimping.

When & Where to Use?

Mc4 Crimpers are widely used in Solar Industry for crimping single connector cables, as in electrical power devices, or multi-connector cables, as in data and communication cables. The cushion grip over the metal parts is for comfort and not for electrical safety. It is a MUST HAVE Tool for people working/using Solar Panels in their home

How to Use Mc4 Crimping Tool

  • Get the wire and mc4 connector as required. A connector is never to be reused.
  • Strip a suitable length at the wire end generally 5-10mm depending on the wire size.
  • Ensure both the wire end and the connector are clean where they are going to mate.
  • Insert the wire into the barrel of the connector. The end of the wire should come just in line with the terminal end of the barrel.
  • Place the wire and the connector in the jaws of the crimper, and apply, after taking a second look to ensure the wire and the terminal are correctly positioned with respect
Weight 0.60 kg
Dimensions 22 × 4 × 2 cm

Clare Solar




2.5, 4.0 & 6.0 mm²


22 × 4 × 2 cm


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