Smarten Superb 2500 VA MPPT Solar Inverter PCU

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  • 30% more efficient
  • Run 1 HP Submersible Motor without overload
  • Selectable 4 levels for battery’s Depth of Discharge (DOD)
  • LCD Display
  • Advanced DSP Controller for efficient working
  • Charging from mains upto 90 volts

Smarten Superb 2500 VA 24V MPPT Solar Inverter PCU optimizes the match between the solar array (PV panels), and the battery bank or utility grid. To put it simply, it efficiently converts higher voltage DC output from solar panels down to the lower voltage needed to charge batteries.

Made with high grade quality, technically advanced Smarten Superb 2500VA Solar PCU is an innovative solar inverter that gives you the joy of uninterrupted power supply. It’s is packed with exciting features like LCD Screen, Advanced DSP 50A Controller and more…

Backed by Smarten’s impeccable solar panels, the Superb 2500VA MPPT PCU is 30% more efficient than usual PCUs. It comes with 4 levels of battery’s depth of discharge options for your different power requirements. With low voltages charging, 10 ms changeover time and triple protection, it completely cancels the need to maintain separate power back up system for powering equipment

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 43 × 34 × 33 cm



Superb 2500 VA

Battery Support


Max. Open Circuit Voltage (VOC)

85v +- 2v

Panels Support

1800 – 2000 watts

Battery charging

Bulk, Absorption, Float & Equalize


High PV Voltage shutdown
High PV Current shutdown
Reverse battery protection
Reverse current protection


2 years Manufacturer’s Warranty – Onsite

Additional Specs

Refer to image for more detailed technical specifications

Dimensions (Packed)

43 × 34 × 33 cm


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